Out of all of the Season One Dreadball teams, the Orx have been for me the simplest to come up with a team for. My 40K Orks have always had a Soviet theme, first with my Epic army, then with the 40k one itself. I always thought that militarily the concept of quantity having a quality all of its own and human wave tactics was so Ork that I could not help but adopt it.

The 40K background postulates that the Orks in deep space have picked up 1930/40/50's radio and TV signals from Earth and adopted the maxim "all property is theft, so I'm taking yours..." I intend to continue this background into Dreadball and I'm planning a very Soviet military looking Orx team, probably in Russian uniform brown with red stars and white numbering. Team name wise I'm working on something like тех победивших рабочих тракторного завода войны советские (The Ever Victorious Workers War Tractor Factory Soviet) or similar...

++ Half this game is ninety percent mental ++

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