"DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is the hyperkinetic sci-fi sports game of unparalleled speed and ferocity..."

I've been giving lots of thought towards painting my DreadBall miniatures and the "look" I want. After many decades of painting historical, fantasy and science fiction models (you have a look at the 'home' blog here) I feel I want to do something different, one might say unique (in the terms of my miniatures collection anyway).

The most distinctive look in future sports surely has to be that of the Tron franchise and the fluorescent lines would be an interesting look (and how cool would it be to have my miniatures glow in the dark!). I don't think that the basic uniform need be black either, it will all depend on the fluorescent colour bought.

Humbrol produce some fluorescent paint, a couple of tins which will be useful for fluorescent lines and also manufacture some day-glow sprays which could prove interesting if I want an entire teams armour to be very bright (it may be counter-intuitive for me to work from the basecoat up and down rather than the undercoat up but I think the end result may be worth giving it a crack).

Humbrol also produce some tins of Clearcote, a semi-translucent paint that goes over metallics and light colours to produce some snazzy effects. I've seen this done of model cars and think DreadBall player armour could similarly benefit. Tamiya also do an interesting range in "clear" colour paints that could also be well worth investigating and the new Citadel Glazes may also be worth checking out.

Whatever paints I end up using I suspect my miniatures will be very colourful and quite shiny, just what is needed for a sports game of unparalleled speed!

 ++ DreadBall is the ballet of the masses ++


  1. Is It any pics of the paint's effect in a figure?

    1. I found some using Tamiya Clear on 40K minis on Dakka Dakka but most users seem to be 1/43 car modellers...

  2. The multi-efects spray could be good for some armours: