"The survey (which originally had 160 questions!) will be with you next Friday, and we will be shipping your first teams and the games shortly after!"

I may be reading too much into Update #89 from Mantic, but that sounds to me that we might get the basic game sooner rather than later, here's hoping! Whatever, I need to put my thinking hat on regarding the Season One teams, especially the Corporation and Forge Fathers teams in case them turn up before the Orx and Veer-myn.

For the Season One teams I have decided that the team colours will be inspired by national team football (the proper one) colours and as for me Dwarves means Germans (from a gaming point of view) I am leaning towards a white and black colour scheme with touches of red and yellow (there is also a little devil on my shoulder suggesting I replace the helmets with plastic WW2 ones...). I haven't settled on a team name yet but am leaning towards something Germanic that rolls off the tongue like the Neu Berlin Blitzschnellen Körperhammeren...

Background wise I will be playing fast and loose with the Mantic Warpath background and adding in elements of other backgrounds I like from Judge Dredd to WH40K and others. I don't want to get too stuck with the official world but have fun with it.

++ You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the endzone ++

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  1. "I don't want to get too stuck with the official world but have fun with it."

    Couldn't agree more - its all about having fun! I've already got my "Weyland-Yutani Warriors" and "Mega-City 1 Maulers" planned and a certain judge will Referee our version of "Dredd-Ball"! :-)